The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

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The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

1. What exactly is ozone?
Ozone is a molecule made from 3 oxygen atoms. This extra oxygen atom charges it to react differently than regular oxygen.

2. What are the benefits of ozone?
Ozone is antibacterial and antiviral. It also helps the body detoxify and can stimulate or calm down the immune system, based on the body’s needs. Ozone may also help with energy as it is a powerful stimulant of the mitochondria.

From Dr. Rowen’s website “Our immune cells naturally produce ozone in our bodies.  Ozone is known to break up bacterial cells, disrupt virus reproduction, and destroy toxins. Ozone increases oxygenation and improves blood flow throughout the entire body.”

3. What is the difference between ozone therapy and harmful ozone in the environment?
Most of the ozone we hear about as toxic in the environment is actually a mixture of ozone gas and other toxic gases. So “ozone” is a term used to refer to a toxic mixture of gases. We use pure, medical grade ozone, which is naturally made by our immune cells. When there are pathogens in the body, it reacts with pathogens to create harmless water. We also give low doses, which are further diluted by oxygen, and have an excellent clinical safety profile.

4. What can a patient expect in a rectal ozone insufflation appointment?
Our staff will have the correct dose that Dr. Heidi or Dr. Chelsea has prescribed for you ready to go in an insufflation bag.

Instructions are as follows:
Patient should lubricate catheter before inserting
To administer, patient should lie on side. Only the tip of the catheter needs to be inserted.
Once catheter has been inserted into rectum, gently squeeze bag to administer gas.
After gas has been administered catheter should be removed slowly.
Patient should avoid defecating or flatulence for 15 minutes following treatment.

5. What are the side effects of ozone? You may experience the following:
*flu like symptoms (body aches, headache)
*gastrointestinal upset (simply from administration of gas into intestines)
*temporary worsening of current symptoms “flare”

Side effects can occur because as pathogens die, they release inflammatory chemicals and waste that can create flu like symptoms, known as a herx reaction. A flare can be induced if the dose is too high for the patient and their detox pathways are not adequately supported.

Additional resources to consult about ozone:
Dr. Rowen (lot’s of videos to watch)
Dr. Shallenberger

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