Whole Body Wellness

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Whole Body Wellness is a state that encompasses the wellbeing of body, mind, and soul. We’ll help you find it.

What Is Whole Body Wellness?

When we approach your wellness as an interconnected relationship between body, mind, and soul, we can affect every aspect of your health.

We dive deeper to understand the “why” of your symptoms, instead of just the “what.”

Once we know the underlying “why,” then we can move forward with time tested, science-based, natural, and medical therapies that best fit you.

Foundational Guidelines of Whole Body Wellness

You Are More Than a Purely Physical Being

Body, mind, and soul are interdependent and interconnected with each other as well as all of our organ systems in the body. When there is an imbalance in one, it may affect the others.

Understanding Symptoms

The site of pain / imbalance may not be the site of the root cause of that pain/imbalance.

Healing Is Natural

The body, mind, and spirit’s inherent directional path is towards health and healing.

Nature Is Powerful Medicine

The healing power of nature is powerful medicine.

Empowered With Education

Educating our patients in understanding why they are imbalanced and then what they can do to heal is one of our primary objectives.

Find the Root Cause

Instead of just treating symptoms, we look at the whole picture to find the cause of disease, then focus on giving your body what it needs to heal.

Addressing Whole Body Health

At ANM we address a wide range of whole body health issues. If you’ve been left feeling lost and hopeless because your regular doctor can’t help you, contact us today.

Immune Dysfunction

Anxiety & Depression

Hormone Replacement


Acute or Chronic Fatigue


Cardiac Health

Functional Genomics

Endocrine Imbalances

Gut Health

Neurological Health

Toxin Detox

Whole Body Wellness

A Process That Focuses On You

Our patient visits range from 90 minutes for the  first time and 15-60 minutes for follow up visits. These visits allow us to get to know you and develop a whole picture of your health.

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