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When you work with the team at Auburn Naturopathic Medicine you’ll discover the answers to the root cause of your illness and receive an authentic wellness plan, so you can finally get your health back.

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Step Off the Healthcare Merry-Go-Round

If you’re looking for answers as much as you’re looking for treatment, you’re not alone. Many patients have spent years throwing medications and therapies at their symptoms, hoping something sticks. We can help.
Without understanding the why of your illness, you may be...
Desperate For Help

You may be wondering if there’s anyone who can find the root cause of your symptoms.

sick of mainstream medicine
You may be tired of throwing medications at your problem, hoping something works.
feeling let down
You may feel like you’re crazy because your doctor doesn’t seem to take you seriously.
looking for direction
You may have a diagnosis, but not a comprehensive plan to finally get well.

The Place You Go to Get Well

I went to ANM after I had been pushed around the conventional medical system for three years. I went to Dr. Heidi out of desperation.  I am an RN and I had reached the absolute end of what conventional medicine could do for me. With fourteen orange pill bottles and being only 37 years old, I began to feel hopeless.

The last appointment I had with my primary care physician she told me all of my symptoms were in my head and that I needed to go to psychiatry.

From my first appointment with ANM I had hope! Through the specialty labs and the lifestyle approach I was off of all my meds in 16 weeks and 90% symptom free!! Auburn Naturopathic Medicine is the place that you go when you want to get well.

Laura Minard, RN, BSN, NC-BC
modern natural medicine

We Don’t Guess, We Assess

Natural medicine means optimizing your body’s built-in mechanisms for healing and wellness. Our systematic approach and diagnostic expertise means we utilize modern clinical tools — such as genetic and laboratory testing — to discover exactly what your body needs to be well.

Find the Root Cause

Leverage our deep diagnostic expertise to discover exactly what your body needs to get well and stay well.

A Doctor Who Listens

Find comfort, security, and confidence working with a doctor who truly listens to your needs and designs a wellness plan just for you.

Compassionate Patientcare

You’re more than just a number in the system. Work with a compassionate practitioner who treats you like a unique individual.

Treat Your Whole Person

At ANM you’ll experience a holistic approach to your health that addresses the whole you — mind, body, and spirit.

Drop Mainstream Medicine

Stop treating illness by throwing pills at the problem. Instead, we’ll help you find and treat foundational causes.

Prevent Instead of Treat

Don’t wait to get sick before you get healthy. Optimize your immune system now to avoid illness later.

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From Our Clinic to Your Cupboard

Get Busy Living Again

Don’t let another doctor tell you “you’re fine” when you know you’re not. Instead, work with a doctor who will dig deep to find the root cause of your problem, so you can get busy living again.

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Don’t let another doctor tell you “you’re fine”


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Get Your Health Back

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Take Control of Your Health

Search our library of curated health education resources to arm yourself with the information you need to take control of your own health.

New Interactive Healing Course

Health Secrets That Will Deepen Your Connection With Your Horse

Attention horse lovers!

Have you ever felt like there’s an invisible barrier between you and your horse? 

Heart-to-Heart Healing is a 4-month interactive healing course that will help you transform how you relate to your horse by first transforming how you relate to yourself.