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Work with a doctor who takes the time to fully listen to your needs and doesn’t think you’re crazy. Our authentic, compassionate approach to natural healthcare means you get heard, so you can heal.

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Getting Well Should Not Feel Like Wandering Aimlessly

Many of our patients spent years throwing medications and therapies at their symptoms, hoping something would stick. They discovered that Mainstream Medicine wasn’t investigating the underlying cause of their issues, and sometimes didn’t care enough to try.

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Someone You Can Trust With Your Life

Our doctors became ND’s because they too could not get the help they needed from Mainstream Medicine. They’ve “been there” and are equipped to guide you on a path to real, longterm wellness.

Never Felt More Welcome

Never felt more welcome and listened to (from the front desk to the Drs). The care is excellent — I feel the best l could ever ask for — wonderful practice.

Susan C.
Somewhere I Feel at Home

Finally, somewhere I feel at home! And somewhere I feel confident that I’m getting excellent personalized care. I always leave there feeling confident that what I’m working towards is actually going to happen…and I haven’t felt like that in medicine…maybe ever. 

Tammy M.
Very Pleased With the Care

I have been very pleased with the care that Dr. Heidi, and the office staff, have provided me over the last few years. My husband has seen such positive results with me, that he too is now coming in to get healthy! 

Marissa P.
You Guys Are the Real Deal

Between the amazing customer service and brilliant thorough doctors, ANM is in a league of their own. I feel like you guys are the real deal and my western medicine doctors are just pretenders who only treat symptoms instead of causes. 

Rob C.
Thank You For Saving My Life

I just wanted to thank you all soooooo much for really saving my life and healing my gut! I was in so much pain/discomfort for so many years because the Drs didn’t know what was going on, or really listen to how I was feeling. They would just treat the symptoms and Dr. Heidi was the first Dr that actually listened to me and cared!!!

Lindsey B.
Kindness and Expertise

I have been seeing Dr. Heidi for about 4 years. Her expertise and kindness are exceptional. I have traditional medical insurance and a traditional medical doctor but I haven’t used this modality in years because I see results and lives changed using natural methods of healing.

Sam O.

Meet Dr. Heidi Hook

Born and raised in Auburn, California, Dr. Heidi Hook is a 1996 graduate of Bastyr University and is the owner of Auburn Naturopathic Medicine. Personal illness with questions left unanswered by Mainstream Medicine led her in the direction of naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Heidi is passionate about helping people find their optimal health. She has seen naturopathic medicine work in herself and her patients time and time again. She believes that the body, mind, and spirit want to heal and this inspires her to listen deeper to each person’s body, mind, and spirit with her medical knowledge, experience, and intuition to find the true path to each individuals needs.

Her practice focuses mainly on discovering the underlying causes of illness that is specific for each person…stress, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, genetic variances that impact biochemistry, toxin loads, heavy metals, and others than then ultimately manifest as disease and illness.

Kathryn Lemlow, P.A.

Physicians Assistant
Kathryn Lemlow was born and raised in San Francisco California.  Early on she realized she had a strong affinity for country living, the outdoors and for gardening.  In her quest to lose weight as a teenager she became interested in healthy eating and that was the beginning of a long quest into healthy living.  She strongly believed that “we are what we eat”. She raised her children on organic produce she grew whenever there was garden space and on goats milk if there was room for a goat.  After birthing 4 of her children at home she was inspired to pursue a career in medicine and was graduated from UC Davis FNP/PA program in 1986.   Since then she has worked in Family Practice, Allergy and Asthma,  Pediatrics, Correctional Medicine, Urgent Care and 17 years practicing Emergency Medicine.  It was while practicing in the ER that she was diagnosed with a series of unexpected, supposedly unrelated chronic illnesses.  In pursuit of help with these, Kathryn decided to explore the holistic approach to healing.  She spent 3 years interning with a local holistic physician.   It is this journey that has brought her to where she is today.
katherine lemlow
katherine lemlow

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Kimberly Holmes
Aimee Severson
Front Desk Admin
alexandra rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez
Office Manager

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Don’t let another doctor tell you “you’re fine” when you know you’re not. Instead, work with a doctor who will dig deep to find the root cause of your problem, so you can get busy living again.

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