Breaking the Habits of Pornography

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Breaking the Habits of Pornography

“There is no freedom where there is no choice.”

“Have you broken promises or vows to the person that you love?

Are you hiding parts of your life from your partner regarding your relationship with pornography?

Have you paid for sex in the past or fantasize about paying for it now even though you are not single?

Do you fear that your partner will discover your browsing history on your laptop or phone?

Does the shame of this habit weigh heavily on you and cause you to drink or use substances to not feel it?

Are you a leader in your community that is leading a double life?

Have you neglected your physical health, or have chronic pain?

Are you working too much and buying stuff you don’t really need or want just to relieve the stress of your situation?

There are choice points that occur in our lives that invite us to change course and step into our full potential.

I chose truth and to make amends to all who had been deceived. My wife and I chose to be transparent with each other above all costs. We decided to end our previous marriage and begin a new one.

The rewards of that choice point brought balance into every part of my life that I had been suffering from. My relationship with my wife, my physical health, my relationship with money, and my worthiness of being a father transformed.

Not every step we take is equal, and my gift is guiding my clients into taking their life back from the behaviors that no longer serve them.

My coaching program is 3 months in length and investment is based on a sliding scale. I coach no more than five clients at a time, and require an application call prior to enrollment.

Mentorship is an ongoing long-term program offered only by invitation after initial coaching program is successfully completed. I only mentor 2 clients per year. Partner Coaching Option Available

My wife is a Holistic Life Coach and offers partner support, evaluation, and strategy to compliment your coaching program. Click the website link below to contact me and learn more or email me directly.”

Evan Minard Coaching

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