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Holistic Dentist

Dr. Teresa Isbell and her team are excited to take a refreshingly different approach to dentistry. They provide high-quality physiologic care in a calm and relaxing environment. We devote specific and special time in our schedule for each patient. We use only the highest grade, bio-compatible materials and the latest technology. Every team member has advanced education and we believe in sharing that knowledge with our patients. They provide the best Natural, Bio-compatible, and Ozone Dentistry in Auburn CA. Below is just some of the services they offer;

Safe Mercury Removal

Mercury fillings were once the standard option for restoring teeth. We now know that mercury is highly toxic and must be removed with care to avoid exposure to harmful vapor. During mercury removal, our team will follow the IAOMT SMART protocol to ensure your safety from unnecessary exposure to this heavy metal. These precautions include:

  • An activated charcoal slurry
  • Nasal hood with supplemental air
  • Dent Air Vac system
  • High speed suction and Clean-Up Device
  • A rubber dam or Isolite

BPA Free Materials

Much uproar has surfaced about BPA, or Bisphenol A, contained in plastics and in dental materials. Dr. Isbell is dedicated to conserving a patient’s natural tooth and using only safe, bio-compatible materials to repair broken down tooth structure.  

Fluoride Free Dentistry

We offer a holistic approach and do not carry any materials in office that contain fluoride. Instead we recommend oral pro-biotics and other products that work with the body to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Dental Material Compatibility Testing

With a simple blood draw, we now have the ability to check your dental material compatibility against thousands of name-brand products. If there is a reactive chemical in the product, it is marked as non-suitable. These labs provide a report of results by product name and by category.

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