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We work with people all over the country, no travel required. Virtual, online consultations allow you to take advantage of our doctors’ expertise no matter where you live. You’ll receive the same attention, compassion, and results as our in-office patients from the comfort of your own home.

Proven 3-Step Process

Virtual consultations provide the ultimate convenience, and our simple 3-step process makes it even easier. Your recomendations and results will be accessible in digital format, which you can download, share, or print.

How It Works
New Client 60 Min Evaluation

The average doctor visit lasts 7 minutes. Every virtual client at ANM receives a 60 min evaluation with our doctors to fully understand your needs.

Deep Diagnostic Testing

In order to know what your body requires to heal and optimize, we need to know what’s going on inside. As an ANM patient, you’ll receive deep diagnostic testing that allows us to identity the root cause of your illness.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Healing is a journey, not an event, and we’ll be there to guide you until you are home. Every client receives a comprehensive treatment plan that will help keep you on the right track.

I Always Leave Feeling Confident and Hopeful

Finally, somewhere I feel at home! And somewhere I feel confident that I’m getting excellent personalized care.

They really listen to what I say, actually analyze MY test results and I feel so encouraged with the plan that we have going forward to achieve my health and wellness goals.

I always leave there feeling confident that what I’m working towards is actually going to happen…and I haven’t felt like that in medicine…maybe ever.

Being part of ANM leaves me feeling hopeful, and that feels amazing!

Tammy M.
A Few Details For Virtual Consults
Details For Virtual Consults

Please note, a virtual consultation does not establish you as a patient of our office. If you choose to continue working with our doctors in the future, you will need to purchase additional consultations. If a consultation is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, we cannot issue a refund and you will need purchase a new consultation.

If you choose to purchase a test kit and choose to OPT OUT of purchasing a consultation with our naturopathic doctor, please note that patients should always seek the advice of a physician or other healthcare professional regarding health conditions. In the case of abnormal findings on any testing sold here, it is strongly advised that you follow up with a health care practitioner.

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To work with us virtually, simply click here to purchase an online consultation and follow the instructions to schedule your first appointment.

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