Massage/Craniosacral Therapy

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Massage/Craniosacral Therapy

Jessica Gutierrez, at Awaken Wellness, is a holistic coach and bodyworker committed to helping her clients transform their lives and/or businesses from the inside out. If you are experiencing physical, mental, financial, business or emotional challenges and want to address these issues holistically or ready to pivot or take your growth to the next level, she can help.

Craniosacral Bodywork focuses on one of the most subtle rhythms of your body; the wave like movements of your cerebrospinal fluid.  Receiving this modality is deeply relaxing and, like other bodywork modalities, can help with pain relief, muscle relaxation and decreased stress hormones. It can be a gentle and non intrusive way to help the body release trauma and recover from illnesses and injuries. Many people experience a profound sense of unity, love,  peace and connection with their deep inner sense of intuition, or “knowing”.

Jessica can help if you are:

  • Dedicated to your growth and wellbeing
  • Curious about the connection between consciousness, spirituality, healing and outer success
  • Wondering about the intersection of the mystical and the mundane
  • Expanding your potential in any area of your life
  • Creating something new 
  • Embracing full responsibility for your health and well-being
  • Committed to transformation of limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • If you’re curious about working together there is only one way to find out if we are good fit. Let’s connect

I highly recommend Jessica for anyone who wants bodywork whether it is massage or craniosacral. Her intuition, grounded presence, and quiet patience allows the body to unwind on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels and opens the door wide for healing and balance. A truly deep healing experience.

Connect with Jessica here.

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