Am I Toxic?

Chances are the answer is YES! Toxins are everywhere and everyone’s detox journey starts with a roadmap....

We live in a toxic world. Eating healthy to be healthy is not enough anymore. You have to actively detox to be healthy in today’s day. In a perfect world we would not need to detox because there would be no toxins. That is just not true for today. I am testing  all of my patients for toxins and so far all are  “jaw droppingly” toxic.


We cannot heal in a toxic environment and we cannot hide away and not interact in our world. To overcome symptoms for good and sustain long-term wellness, you must positively change your internal environment — the “terrain” of your body. The Foundational Protocol from Cellcore uses a patented carbon technology that binds to toxins in the cell membranes and cells and pulls them out of the body. It addresses molds, parasites, worms, heavy metals, radioactive elements and environmental toxins…..including glyphosates. Toxins hinder optimal cell function and hinder fat loss. If you are having trouble losing weight or you feel like your supplements don’t work then most likely you are toxic and there is everything you can do to change it. I am truly amazed by the results I am seeing across the board.  Patients are getting their energy back and the list of symptoms are disappearing! It has been truly remarkable and a game changer.

But don’t take my word for it, fill out any or all of these questionnaires and let us know what you find out! If you would like me to go along this journey with you, please purchase a consult and we will venture out together to find your unlimited potential.


Dr. Heidi Hook, ND

Born and raised in Auburn, California. Dr. Heidi Hook is a 1996 graduate of Bastyr University and is the owner of Auburn Naturopathic Medicine. Her practice focuses mainly on discovering the underlying causes of illness that is specific for each person.

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