What Are Leptins And Why Are They Important?

Leptins are hormones that our body makes. Leptins are secreted by our fat cells that then communicate with our brain to control appetite, satiety, sugar cravings and  the balance of energy; basically, they tell us when we are full.  They are made in proportion to the size and number of fat cells that we have.The more fat we have, the more leptins we have. The problem comes up when we have too many leptins due to too much adipose (fat) or a high sugar or saturated fat diet. When we have too many leptins then the receptors get less responsive and we end up with leptin resistance. The end result of this is increased appetite, decreased satiety and energy, difficulty weight loss, increased inflammation which can affect many aspects of health including joint and cardiovascular health. The important thing here is that there is everything you can do to change your leptin status. Eating a diet low in sugar, simple carbohydrates, most grains, and saturated fat and eating the right amount of protein for you, a diet high in good healthy fats, lots of a good variety of vegetables and some high fiber, low glycemic fruits, can be very powerful in balancing your leptins.

Remember…….Food is medicine!

Dr. Chelsea Azarcon, NMD

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