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The Great PumpkinAll year long we are trying to watch our sugar intake; for ourselves and for our kids…..then along comes Halloween. Did you know that, as Americans, we spend 2 billion dollars each year on Halloween candy alone? That is ALOT of sugar!
Kids look forward to dressing up in costumes, putting up the ghoulish decorations and, of course, trick or treating, but what do you do with all of that candy? We have an idea and it is called “The Great Pumpkin Exchange.”
Each year, we accompany our kids as they get to enjoy the tradition of trick or treating, going door to door and collecting as much candy as they can. When they come home they are allowed to have 3 pieces each. The rest of the candy goes into a bag and sits on the porch. When everyone is asleep “The Great Pumpkin” comes to our house and exchanges the bag of candy for a present for our girls. Usually, he will leave a holiday outfit for Thanksgiving or Christmas or a book they have been wanting. They get so excited to wake up and run out side to see what The Great Pumpkin has exchanged for their candy!