Top 5 Tips For A You That SHINES!!!

It is a New Year and time for a New You!! Here are some tips to help you to be at your most optimal health and to help you SHINE!

1) Optimize Vitamin D levels – A quick test will tell you how much you need to take each day through the winter to keep your immune system in high gear
2) Improve sleep quality – Block out the light, balance hormones and neurotransmitters that, when out of whack, rob you of your best sleep
3) Boost metabolism – Leveling blood sugar fluctuations and revving up cellular function
4) Increase antioxidants from fruits and vegetables (10 a day!) – More flavonoids and carotenoids means more vitality and anti-aging effects
5) Energize your life – Stop the grain drain, improve nutrient status with IVs, promote healthy adrenals with exercise and herbal tonics

Let this year be the healthiest year yet!!!

Alex Rodriguez

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