MOLD ILLNESS is a general term used for the negative health effects caused by exposure to mold toxins (mycotoxins). 

Not all mold illnesses are “created equal” 

MOLD ILLNESS is a general term used for the negative health effects caused by exposure to mold toxins (mycotoxins).  This is usually assessed for by a urine test that evaluates lifetime accumulation of mold toxins. These toxins are usually damaging to liver and kidney as well as cancer promoting in high enough amounts. They also have the general characteristics of mold toxins such as pro-oxidant, pro-inflammatory, endocrine disrupting, and GI damaging. CIRS stands for chronic inflammatory response syndrome and is a cascade of immune activation. This only happens in individuals with genetic susceptibility by certain types of HLA-DR genes.

This immune cascade effects many systems including gastrointestinal, respiratory, nervous system, and more. It tends to create a more severe response to mold and takes a lot more steps to heal. 

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Dr. Chelsea Azarcon, NMD

I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who graduated from Bastyr University, San Diego as well as holding a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. I love working with chronic illnesses, infections and environmental toxicity and finding hidden triggers of persistent illness.

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