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Do you ever wonder why you work so hard at being healthy but you still fall short of your goals? Do you ever wonder why you gain fat when you exercise? Do you ever wonder why you get anxious or can’t sleep? Or why you are tired or depressed?  At Auburn Naturopathic Medicine these are very important questions and we are looking deeper into your biochemistry than ever before! We are looking simply at how your genetic variations, your nutritional status, and  your lifestyle impact your biochemistry. We can’t change your genetics, but we can change up to 90% of how they manifest!
We know that every person has the same biochemical pathways and these pathways have the same enzymes that need the same nutrient cofactors. What is different is our genetics that impact the speed of those enzymes, amounts of nutrient cofactors due to diet and lifestyle, and environment stress load like bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins. All of these effect the biochemical pathways. Why is this important? Because this shows us WHY.  We test your genetics to determine how well your body makes important enzymes. We test to see your nutritional cofactors at a cellular level so we can accurately diagnose if a symptom is coming from a nutritional deficiency or not. We can test heavy metals to determine your toxic load. If you are ready to get to the deeper why that is specific to you then join us on the cutting edge of medicine.