Empaths and Toxic Relationships

Empath is an epigenetic phenomenon in people who have more oxytocin receptors...


Empath isn’t just a woo woo term- it’s an epigenetic phenomenon in people who have more oxytocin receptors. Oxytocin is a bonding chemical and when you have more oxytocin receptors, you may be hypersensitive to the emotional climate around you. Without knowing what is happening, this can cause the world to feel very overwhelming and many empaths adjust by trying to meet the emotional needs of everyone around them. 

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Cue someone with narcissistic personality traits. An empath is a “narcissist’s” dream because they are willing to accommodate to whatever their partner wants. People with narcissistic personality traits are also often charismatic connectors as long as they are getting their way. Their capacity for grand gestures and romanticism feed an empath’s connection needs. Because people with narcissistic personality traits are often emotionally unavailable, this can create an addictive relationship cycle of connection and withdraw that feeds the empaths need to reconnect and the narcissist need to have their way.

💔 If you’re highly empathic, boundaries are your best friend. A great way to start setting boundaries is to assess your “why.” If you’re doing the right thing with the wrong “why,” it’s time for a boundary. 

Dr. Chelsea Azarcon, NMD

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