Biocidin LSF


•Liposomal delivery for rapid systemic absorption and bioavailability in the oral cavity.
•Assists in the delivery of broad-spectrum botanicals to the central nervous system, a key benefit as nutritional support outside the GI tract.
•Researched for intracellular absorption of ingredients.
•Unilamellar vesicles encapsulating Biocidin® have an optimal particle size of less than 100 nanometers. •Research indicates potential in addressing biofilms and imbalanced terrain.
•Includes botanicals to assist detoxification pathways. •Recommend concurrent usage of G.I. DetoxTM with Biocidin®.
SIZE: .5ml approximately 100 servings

Product Description

Biocidin® combines 18 botanical extracts and essential oils. It targets the entire GI tract and helps maintain the delicate balance of microorganisms in the microbiome.* Its far-reaching effects include support for biofilm cleansing, immunomodulation, healthy digestion and elimination, and detoxification.* Biocidin®LSF is the powerhouse you’re looking for. It contains the same potent, broad-spectrum botanical blend in a unique sunflower phospholipid formula for advanced absorption. Research shows the migration of liposomal Biocidin® LSF across the cell wall (transcellular absorption) is 74% higher than Biocidin® Liquid. Biocidin® and all its benefits – made even more bioavailable with fast delivery for whole-body action.