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Enhanced Weight Loss Lab Package


Click the links below to learn more about the specific lab tests included in this bundle:

      1. Micronutrient Panel
      2. DUTCH Hormone Panel
      3. Thyroid Panel
      4. Vitamin D
      5. Iron
      6. Ferritin
      7. CBC
      8. CMP
      9. Personal Online Consultations
      10. 6 Month Mastery course with nutritionist, Mary Beauchamp

Enhanced Weight Loss Lab Package

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What's Inside

I am very excited about this panel because I see this complaint a lot. This is for those people that are eating right and exercising but their weight just isn't moving or they just want to optimize weight loss.  
As a Naturopath I just get curious and I want to know why. And in my experience if there is unchecked inflammation, stress, hormone imbalance, insomnia, and nutritional deficiencies, then weight will not budge.
Excess fat is the storage place for toxins… so if you can’t detox well then the body needs the fat to dilute the toxins in.  I think about if you want to lose 10 pounds of fat then most likely you need to detox 10 lbs of toxins and this detox needs to happen at the cellular level and just doing liver cleanses, gut cleanses, or sweating it out is not deep enough. So looking at thyroid function, nutrient levels with MNT, Iron, ferritin, Vit D, CBC, and CMP gives me a comprehensive look at the possible reasons of why the weight is not coming off easily.
And then you can add the Functional genomic test and another consultation in the expanded package option… because in some cases it is the genetic variances that are causing the problems. Knowing the genetics is really being able to look at the personal roadmap of each individual’s biochemistry.  - Dr. Heidi Hook

When you sign up for this package, you will get a comprehensive nutritional analysis program that includes:

  • 24/7 Learning Portal Access with daily trainings, education and the science of weight loss
  • Weekly email instructions and guidance
  • Bi weekly Group Q & A (Open Office Hours)
  • Private Facebook group support 24/7
  • 4 - 1:1 Private coaching calls with me
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Mindful Movement Practices
  • Meditations
  • 6 months of ongoing support from me
  • Access to the learning portal for 1 full year
  • Much More... I look forward to working with you.
    - Mary Beauchamp, RN