How Do I Know My Risk Of Heart Disease Or Diabetes?

Heart Health
Heart Health

Knowing your cardiac risk is extremely important. Most people are not aware that they are at risk until an event happens. 50% of patients who suffer from a heart attack have normal LDL (“bad cholesterol” levels). When understanding your cardiac risk, looking at cholesterol is only 1/2 the picture and looking at the bigger picture gives us a better understanding of why and how we can help.
The good news is that, for most people, heart disease is PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE, if you know it ahead of time.
Boston Heart Diagnostics offers ONE amazing, comprehensive test, that look at all of these markers below in one blood draw. For only $105 you can schedule a blood draw AND have an appointment with one of our doctors to go over the results so you can make the best decisions for your heart health. Some of the markers the test looks at are:

  • Cholesterol – This determines your risk of having a heart attack or stroke caused by blockage of blood vessels or hardening of the arteries.
  • Inflammation – This is a way in which your body reacts to infection, irritation or other injury. Inflammation in your arteries leads to narrowing or blockage.
  • Metabolic – This shows your risk of developing diabetes, or, if you already have diabetes, how your body is responding to treatment.
  • Genetics – These tests help determine whether you are genetically more likely to have risks linked to heart disease and how you may respond to certain treatments.

If you want to look at your heart health before any issues should arise, call our office at 530.885.5908

Dr. Heidi Hook, ND

Born and raised in Auburn, California. Dr. Heidi Hook is a 1996 graduate of Bastyr University and is the owner of Auburn Naturopathic Medicine. Her practice focuses mainly on discovering the underlying causes of illness that is specific for each person.

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