Are All Soybeans Genetically Modified?

The short answer is….. mostly, yes!
A recent study conducted by an independent lab collected soybean samples grown under three typical agricultural conditions: organic, GM, and conventional (but non-GM). The GM soybeans tested were resistant to the herbicide Roundup, whose active ingredient is glyphosate. This test was to investigate what levels of pesticide residue remained in these 3 types of soy plants, specifically glyphosate and its metabolite AMPA. What they found is astounding. “All of the individual samples of GM-soy contained residues of both glyphosate and AMPA, on average 9.0 mg/kg. This amount is greater than is typical for many vitamins. In contrast, no sample from the conventional or the organic soybeans showed measurable residues of these chemicals”
According to these same researchers, the level of acceptable levels of these chemicals has been increased by the countries producing and importing these GM products. USDA estimates show the total percentage of soybeans currently being planted that are genetically modified at 89%-98%, depending on the state. For this reason, I recommend no soybeans 🙂

Dr. Heidi Hook, ND

Born and raised in Auburn, California. Dr. Heidi Hook is a 1996 graduate of Bastyr University and is the owner of Auburn Naturopathic Medicine. Her practice focuses mainly on discovering the underlying causes of illness that is specific for each person.

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