VIS Dialogue Virtual Consultation


A VIS Dialogue session includes.

  • A 90 minute session with Dr. Heidi Hook
  • Finding the root cause of where your subconscious creates imbalance
  • Rediscover your true soul energy that flows easily to create health and well being

Product Description

Vis Dialogue is  a cutting-edge, revolutionary new process of counseling that helps the practitioner connect the patient’s mind with their body to establish the real root cause of illness and disease. This technique helps to empower the patient to understand how their body is a reflection of their mind and how their illness also reflects that. This counseling technique alone has often been enough to heal incurable and protracted physical diseases without drugs, supplements, or any other form of remedy. I recently went through the certification process in Vis Dialogue and would love to have a session with you and discover YOUR unlimited potential. This process has changed my practice.

Dr. Heidi Hook

*Please note, this is an online consultation and does not establish you as a patient of our office. If you choose to continue working with our doctors in the future, you will need to purchase additional consultations.

*If a consultation is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, we cannot offer to refund or reschedule your appointment; you will need purchase a new consultation.