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Weight Loss Package


This bundle includes four virtual visits with our holistic mind, body, spirit nutritionist, Mary Beauchamp, RN.

If you have questions such as;

Where do I start?
What to eat?
What fats are healthy?
What is stopping my weight gain/loss?
What do I buy?
How many calories should I consume?
What is a clean source of protein?
How do I read ingredient labels?
.....then you are in the right place!!!

Weight Loss Package

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I've been helping people with their nutrition for over 25 years and that has allowed me to create a system that works without fail because I've seen all the mistakes in the book. I don't want you to waste your time and energy trying to figure this all out on your own. Your life may depend on this more than you even know. With the right tools, you will be unstoppable! But the best part is that you will be in control of your health and you won't have to rely on anyone else!

This is a package of 4 virtual one-on-one visits with me, Mary Beauchamp, holistic mind, body, spirit nutritionist. Our first visit will be 90 minutes and our following visits will be 60 minutes each. Every one of us are starting our weight loss and nutrition journey in a different place. I want to meet you where you are to encourage, teach and support you. I will adapt each visit to fit you personally but we will definitely include:

      • Health history and comprehensive nutritional evaluation
      • Overview of the digestive system and how it affects metabolic function and immunity
      • Clarify the underlying causes of weight gain
      • Address how to restore healthy metabolic function to prevent weight gain
      • Create an integrated dietary protocol and lifestyle plan based on lab test results
      • Provide comprehensive shopping list, recipes as well as specific foods to avoid
      • Direct you to essential resources, recipes and tools for metabolic mastery
      • Create a flexible lifestyle plan to support each individual in reaching their weight goal
      • Discuss necessary dietary changes needed to sustain successful weight loss long term
      • And more....I look forward to joining you on this journey.

    ~ Mary Beauchamp, RN