Optimal Energy Lab Package


Below are a list of the specific lab tests included in this bundle:

  1. Micronutrient Panel
  2. Omega Check
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Dutch Hormone Panel
  5. Thyroid Panel
  6. Iron
  7. Ferritin
  8. CBC- complete blood count
  9. CMP-complete metabolic panel
  10. Personal Online Consultation

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Product Description


What’s Inside

Being tired can come from many different places. This panel is a great first start in looking at the foundational reasons that can cause fatigue.

I am looking at cellular reasons for inflammation like nutrient deficiencies so the Micronutrient Panel because it will show us 35 different nutrients at a cellular level. These are the nutrients that your body needs to make energy and break down inflammation.

The Omega Check looks at the cellular level of omega 3’s, Vit D, iron, and ferritin are also very important in being the cause of fatigue. The thyroid panel is also very important to look at because the thyroid is the gas pedal … too low or too high will cause fatigue. CBC and CMP to validate normal organ function. You can also add the Functional genomic test and another consultation in the expanded package option… because in some cases it is the genetic variances that are causing the problems. Knowing the genetics is really being able to look at the personal roadmap of each individual’s biochemistry.