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DUTCH Hormone Panel
Micronutrient Panel
Omega Check
Vitamin D
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Product Description

What’s Inside

Hormone health is important for men and women both. For women whether it is in the teens, 20’s , and 30’s with PMS, heavy and painful periods, emotional swings, acne, these can be due to hormone imbalances and it is my belief that for the most part…these do not need to exist.

We test hormones because we want to know if the issue is in production of hormones or the issue is with inadequate breakdown of hormones. When we know this then we can more accurately treat.

For pre and post menopausal women it is common to have imbalanced hormones because it is the progesterone that falls first making us have heavier, crampier periods with chronic PMS. Then in post menopausal women,  I want to know if the patient still has a normal post menopausal level of hormones or does she need support.

For men, hormones are also important. It is not just about testosterone. It is common that as men age, their testosterone may go down along with their progesterone making them estrogen dominant. Testing all of these hormones in men is optimal and helps treatment accuracy.

Knowing thyroid function is important in hormone optimization because low thyroid can slow your body’s ability to make hormones in the first place  and slows the breakdown process of hormones which is all important in hormone balance. Adding the Micronutrient panel in is important because knowing the nutrient status can show what is needed for basic building blocks to make your body healthy and happy. Vitamin D is important for calcium regulation and inflammation if it is low. Ferritin and iron are important especially if heavy menses are present. These need to be in the perfect range because either too low or too high can cause inflammation. And then CBC and CMP to validate normal organ function and immune function. And then you can add the Functional genomic test and another consultation in the expanded package option… because in some cases it is the genetic variances that are causing the problems. Knowing the genetics is really being able to look at the personal roadmap of each individual’s biochemistry.