Heart Health Lab Package


Click the links below to learn more about the specific lab tests included in this bundle:

      1. Cardiometabolic Panel
      2. Dutch Hormone Panel
      3. Micronutrient Panel
      4. Omega Check
      5. Vitamin D
      6. Iron
      7. Ferritin
      8. CBC
      9. CMP
      10. Personal Online Consultation

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Product Description


What’s Inside

For the most complete picture of heart health the Cardiometabolic Panel from Vibrant America is one of the best tests out there.

Then looking further into the ‘why’ anything is out of balance, I look at the micronutrient panel, omega check, hormone panel which is the DUTCH test, the Vitamin D, Iron, and Ferritin rounds out this bundle for the best snapshot of cardiovascular risk and then the information you need to know what to do to optimize. The CBC and CMP is tested to validate normal organ function. You can add the Functional genomic test and another consultation in the expanded package option… because in some cases it is the genetic variances that are causing the problems. Knowing the genetics is really being able to look at the personal roadmap of each individual’s biochemistry.