Inflammation Lab Package


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Micronutrient Panel
Omega Check
DUTCH Hormone Panel
Vitamin D
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Product Description

What’s Inside

My question is: where is your inflammation coming from? This is what this test package is designed to address.

There are many causes that contribute to inflammation…. Nutrient deficiencies, so I look at the MNT, Vitamin D, Iron, Ferritin, hormonal imbalances … (DUTCH), high insulin, high homocystiene, glucose, cholesterol (Cardiometabolic panel)….are all possible contributing factors.

For a deeper understanding adding the Functional Genomics provides amazing information.  When we live, we eat food for energy and our bodies produce exhaust…. biochemical exhaust that is inflammatory. We need specific nutrients to break this inflammation down and if these pathways are hindered either by nutritional deficiencies or genetic variations then those inflammatory metabolites remain high causing chronic inflammation.