DNA Genomics Kit + Consult


This is a one time saliva collection kit that is sent off USPS and includes a personal online consultation to review.

Required to schedule your labs.

Product Description

“Our genes are the “road map” to how our bodies work.
As we age or we experience stress these genes can get turned on and effect the enzymes that regulate the biochemistry. These enzymes can run faster or slower and as you can imagine can create havoc resulting in imbalance and eventually disease.
You are ½ your mom and ½ your dad, and this we can never change, but when we know which enzyme is being affected then we can either give you the enzyme that your body is having a hard time making or give you the bi-product that your body is having a hard time making, then we can change up to 70% of how it manifests. This is what is so exciting because with a simple saliva test we can find your road map to optimal health. Click here to read more from Dr. Heidi Hook on the study of genetics or  purchase a kit and a consult for interpretation.”