Advanced Intestinal Barrier Panel


Advanced Intestinal Barrier Panel by Precision Point Diagnostics

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Product Description

Advanced Intestinal Barrier profile by Precison Point Diagnostics takes a deep dive into intestinal barrier function. Using a collection of innovative biomarkers, this test helps clinicians determine if their patients have intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut.” Intestinal permeability has been suggested as a root cause of autoimmune diseases, systemic inflammation, and food sensitivities. Healing the gut barrier is so pivotal for resolving chronic disease that if it isn’t addressed, other treatments will have little to no effect.

Imbalances in Zonulin, Histamine, DAO and LPS are associated with intestinal permeability, often referred to as, “leaky gut.”
When the gut barrier is weakened, a person is more vulnerable to food antigens, toxins, and unfriendly microbes. A leaky gut tears down the body’s defenses and opens up the system to increased inflammation. There are many possible causes of damage to the GI lining and subse- quent leaky gut.

Common causes of intestinal permeability are bacterial overgrowth, food sensitivities includ- ing gluten sensitivity, antibiotics, PPI inhibitors, stress, food additivies, NSAIDs, and alcohol consumption.

Reducing inflammation and healing the GI lining can help restore the GI barrier and normal-ize Zonulin, DAO, histamine, and LPS.