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Here are a few keys to wellness from our wonderful N.D. Dr. Kemby DeLellis:
Key #1
Plant-based diet
8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday is the quickest and best way to improve your overall nutritional status, to reduce pain and inflammation, and improve digestion.  When we do not get enough fiber from plants, our digestion slows down and we then reabsorb hormones, cholesterol and toxins back into our bloodstream from the waste that we are trying to eliminate.  That isn’t good! So, high fiber is important not only for good digestive function but for hormonal and cardiovascular health as well.  Plants also provide natural antioxidant support in a wide variety of molecules, so eating a RAINBOW of fruits and vegetables everyday as your main source of food means that you are getting a good daily dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Key #2
Deep breathing!
It is incredibly important to regulate your breathing in order to calm the body and mind.  When we breathe shallow breaths, we send messages to our body that we are stressed, and that causes a buildup of inflammatory molecules and carbon dioxide that contribute to disease.  When we take deep full breaths, we are intentionally able to calm our heart rate, improve digestion, relieve muscle tension as well as relax the mind.
My favorite exercise is a simple counted breath, wherein you check in first with your breathing.  Pay attention to if you are holding the breath, and where your breath is going in the body.  Then begin to lengthen the breath to where your inhale and your exhale are matching, and both are 4 seconds in length. You may encounter some resistance at first, but as you train your diaphragm and allow your belly to rise on the inhale, you will begin to breathe more fully into the body.
Key #3
Our body is more than 50% water, and when we are not properly hydrated, all of our cells are reduced in their ability to provide energy and utilize nutrients.  Many enzyme reactions in the body require water, so when we don’t drink enough water, our enzymes do not work well.  Optimal water intake is half of your body weight in ounces every day.  If you drink caffeine or other diuretics, and if you exercise or sweat heavily, you likely need additional water and electrolytes to replace your water lost.  Water is important to drink a pure source as well, so whenever possible drink filtered water.
Key #4
Get good sleep
Sleep is the time when the body naturally regenerates – we build more digestive enzymes, we build hormones, we filter the blood, we heal injuries, we process information… without adequate sleep time, we do not have the time to properly heal and regenerate.  If you aren’t sleeping well, this is a big obstacle to healing, so we need to work on improving the length and quality of sleep as we work on other areas of your health so the body can ‘do the work’ that it needs to do to heal.
Key #5
Reduce toxic exposure
We are exposed to many toxins and oxidants in our environment everyday.  From UV rays from the sun to pesticides in our food, to synthetic fragrances and additives in the products we use, we are bombarded by toxins that our liver then has to metabolize and excrete.  The more toxins we encounter, the tougher it can get for our organs of elimination, our liver, kidneys, skin and lungs to be clear and do their other functions.
Things to avoid in the environment:
Parabens and BPA plastics
Non-organic dairy products, farmed fish and meats
Toxic chemicals in housecleaners, pesticides, bug sprays, and solvents
Fragrances in perfumes, candles and body care products
Artificial colors, flavors, and GMO products
Dr. Kemby DeLellis, N.D.