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Some patients prefer the use of instruments for their adjustment, because it is more gentle than the traditional Chiropractor manual adjustment (snap crackle pop style).
Some patients also do not like to be twisted or turned during normal adjusting protocols. The ArthroStim and Vibrocussor work well for patients that are extremely acute and can barely move, such as post injury.  This is a lower impact therapy that the patient can respond to better. These tools are also great and safe for child and seniors, as the lower force reduces the chance of post-adjustment soreness.
The cause of neck and back pain vary from patient to patient, but it usually comes down to three different types of tissues;  bone, nerve, and muscles. The ArthroStim is a unique instrument that delivers multiple, low amplitude thrusts the ArthroStim produces 12-14 thrusts per second which matches the same frequency in the sensory motor cortex.  Matching the same frequency causes muscle relaxation. This matching frequency causes decreased muscle spasms, facilitates healing, and bombards and confuses the central nervous system, thus reducing the overall pain level. The impulse on the bone increases the joints range of motion, reduces joint adhesions and reduces inflammation. The frequency of treatment also helps align the bony structures to increase optimal biomechanics.
For some patients, this type therapy is a complement to manual hands on chiropractic adjustments. For other patients, they will not need additional chiropractic care in order to experience relief. Every patient is different, which is why all of Dr. Alan Zarembsky’s treatment programs are completely customized to each patient’s specific wellness needs. For some adjustments Dr. Al may have a patient laying down, sitting or even when you are moving such as (moving yor arm when he is working on shoulder, or rotating left or right while he is using the Arthostim).  His goal is to manage your pain and help your body heal as quickly and safely as possible.  Dr. Al recognizes that different bodies respond better to some therapies than others. Overall, however, chiropractic is an incredibly successful and effective treatment. Here is a link to his office: A-Z Chiropractic.