Create an Effortless Connection With Your Horse

It begins with purifying the connection between your body and mind.
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The video above explains everything you need to know about connecting with your horse — and loved ones — in harmony, with nature.

The Key to Connecting With Your Horse

Two incredible Haflingers taught me (the hard way!) that keeping my own body-mind connection pure was absolutely essential if I ever hoped to truly partner with them in riding and at liberty.

As a Naturopathic Doctor of 28 years, I had the perfect background for doing the human healing work I needed to do first to establish a responsive, effortless, equine connection.

By combining highly effective, science-based detox protocols, time tested mind-body techniques, and holistic counseling for deep emotional understanding, I learned how to heal the heart of the human to connect to the heart of the horse.

You can do it too! And I’m delighted to show you how.

Dr. Heidi Hook

Introducing Heart-to-Heart Healing

Heart-to-Heart Healing

Heart-to-Heart Healing is a a life-improving, 4-month, interactive experience designed to help you heal yourself so you can connect with your horse.
In Heart-to-Heart Healing you will...

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