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Empower Healthy

Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick to Get Healthy

Take control of your own health with the educational resources, face time with doctors, and supportive community you need to succeed in achieving optimal health. With an Empower Healthy medical membership that prioritizes affordability and is tailored just for you, you can experience the power of your true vibrant health in any challenge you may face.

What if you could know exactly what your body needs to be healthy?

Being healthy doesn’t have to be a mysterious thing that happens for some and not for others. Through testing and the clinical picture, you can dive deep to the root of health, then give your body what it needs to be optimal.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel knowing you have a clear picture of your body’s own internal makeup (condition?) and an actionable plan to help it be as healthy as possible.

Empower Healthy provides you with testing that will show you exactly what’s happening inside your body, the knowledge to know how to optimize it, and the support you need to maintain it.


Blood Work Panels

Bi-annual test kits to determine foundational levels of Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin D, a complete blood count, and a full metabolic panel.

Micronutrient Panels

Bi-annual test kits to test your micronutrient levels. Includes doctor’s interpretation and a personalized supplementation guide.

Online Class

Spend an hour with the doctors each month learning about the foundations of healing, how to interpret test results, and how you can dive deeper into healthy living.

Private Facebook Group

Full access to a private Facebook Group where our doctors will be posting valuable resources including videos, links, recipes, articles, and other helpful wellness hints in a supportive community setting.

Live Q&A Forum

Meet with the doctors every week on a live Q&A forum. You’ll have the opportunity to ask real questions and learn about free resources and other wellness information.

One-on-One Help (Enhanced)

Receive a personal one-on-one consultation with the doctor every six months to chat about your individual health goals and how to achieve them, issues you may be having, or to review lab results personally.

MedPax Supplements (Enhanced)

MedPax makes it easy and convenient to maintain your regular supplement regimen. With Empower Healthy Enhanced you’ll receive a monthly auto-shipment of personalized Medpax supplements right to your door.

Genetic Test Kit (Enhanced)

This test allows us to determine the function of the genes that regulate your biochemical pathways. This information determines the foundational roadmap that is specific to you, allowing us the insight into how best to treat you at each turn.
With this comprehensive program, nothing slips through the cracks. As a health professional myself, I was shocked that the specialty lab testing in this program gave me real answers to the causes of my underlying health conditions that were never addressed before, like the micronutrient panel and the genetic testing. What I have learned since joining this group… has changed my life. I’m over 50 now and have never had more energy.

Get Powerful Personalized Natural Medicine Now

Don’t wait until you’re sick to get healthy. Instead, subscribe to Empower Healthy to take control of your health NOW.


Who can sign up for this?

Empower Healthy is an online-based membership so everyone is eligible to join, regardless of where you are in the world!

What if I am already a patient? 

Current patients are welcome to join but will only receive the services included in the membership. Appointments, supplements, and additional services will be billed separately. 

Is this the same thing as becoming a patient?

This is a community educational service and is not a substitute for primary care or becoming an established patient because the doctors will not be working with you individually. If you would like to become a patient, you have the option of scheduling a new patient consult. The Enhanced Option does include a one on one appointment with the doctor.

What topics will be covered and who will I be working with?

Topics include but are not limited to, foundations of a healthy lifestyle, interpretation of our most important tests, sleep and stress management, hormone, gut, and mental health, a genetic approach to health, environmental medicine, and chronic health conditions. Both Dr. Heidi Hook and Dr. Chelsea Azarcon will be contributing to teaching.

Are there any hidden costs? 

There are no hidden fees, but you may choose at any time during your membership to purchase additional supplements, additional testing, and/or consults. 

What are my options for payment?

You may pay through PayPal or with Visa, MC, Discover or AMEX. You may pay monthly that includes a registration fee or a one time annual fee at a discounted rate with no registration fee.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you subscribed to a monthly membership, you can cancel at anytime. However, please note that the registration fee is non refundable. If you subscribed to an annual membership, you may cancel and we’ll refund you for the remaining months.
How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership from your account dashboard. In your account menu, select “Subscriptions” to view or cancel your membership.